Homeowner sick of city grossly overestimating his water bill

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RICHMOND, Va. – It’s not the first time someone has reached out to the Problem Solvers for help; with an astronomical bill and faulty water meter.  They are overestimating the water bill

“They agree that it's broken but I cannot get them to come out to fix it,” said Jim Hoggard, a frustrated Richmond resident.

“The work order has been here for two months and they've known about the problem for over six months, but nothing has been done.

Hoggard said the electronic device that workers use to read the meter is broken. It's preventing city workers from being able to ride by in their trucks and scan his meter for a reading without getting out of their vehicle.


So the city keeps estimating his water bill instead of billing him for exact usage.

Hoggard said the problem began a year ago when he had a leak at his Museum District Home.

His bill skyrocketed to more than $500 dollars..when he got it fixed..and showed the city..they adjusted his bill...

“Getting estimated bill that is about 50 to 60 percent above what I use,” he said.

He has received credit back to his account after several months, but he wants to only pay for what he uses.

But, Hoggard pointed out, he can’t do that until workers read his meter.

“But they can still read it if they get out of the truck, pull this back, and they can read the meter that's down here in the ground.”

“I can’t even get them to do that.”

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