Corrections Officer, inmates charged with attempted murder at Greensville Correctional Center

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GREENSVILLE COUNTY, Va. -- In the aftermath of an attack against an inmate at Greensville Correctional Center in January 2016, prosecutors said the most disturbing detail was a Corrections Officer allegedly had an ongoing relationship with a known Blood gang member in the prison.

They believe she opened secured doors, turning the keys and her back on a brutal assault.

"It's a nightmare!” said Asst. Commonwealth’s Attorney Ronnie West. “To have someone willing to get involved at that level with an inmate, and commit a crime like this or let it happen. It's scary for the inmates to think they are not protected, and scary for us to have to deal with this kind of security breach."

West will be tasked to prove the case against former Greensville correction officer Rakelle Graham, and six inmates, all charged with attempted murder, gang crimes, and assault by mob.

Rakelle Graham

Rakelle Graham

A grand jury handed up indictments this week against the seven after more than a year-long investigation by the Department of Corrections.

Graham was arrested Wednesday night during a traffic stop in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina.

"A lot of people tend to forget about inmates and their existence," said West.

The victim in this case was an inmate who was beaten and stabbed, prosecutors said. The investigative report noted Graham took her time calling medical assistance for the injured inmate.

He was flown to VCU Medical Center and survived the attack.

Prosecutors claimed Graham had a relationship with a known Blood gang member inside the prison, and they believe she allowed other inmates to access the victim to pull off the beating.

"I mean, if they are willing to do this behind bars, what do you think would happen if one day they get out?" asked West.

Sources told CBS 6 Crime Insider Jon Burkett that the security camera in the pod where the beating played out was adjusted to point away from the action.

Graham will have a bond hearing on February 15.