Residents concerned speedy drivers endanger kids in Richmond neighborhood

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Neighbors who live near Columbia and Mimosa Streets said the intersection is dangerous.

"I really don't want to hear that anguished cry of a mother screaming because what she brought into this world is gone,” said neighborhood resident Lonnie Winstead, who worries for the safety of the children.

"They're not stopping at the stop sign,” Winstead said.

He's leading the charge to put the brakes on speeders.

Winstead said he often sees drivers going 50 mph in 25 miles per hour, as drivers leave Jeff Davis Highway and turn onto Mimosa Street.

"They're moving so fast that their cars bottom out kind of like that,” he said and pointed. “But normally it's a lot worse.”

Michael Greene says he had a close call when a speeding car on nearly struck him on Columbia street.

Other neighbors agreed that the speeding is just getting to be too much.

"I could've been hurt killed or anything,” said Michael Greene, who also lives on the block.

“I guess they're in a hurry,” he said. “But you know there's not that much rushing in the world."

CBS 6 set up a radar gun to catch those speeders at the intersection. We spotted a few driving five and six miles over the posted imit.

Neighbors said police officers have been a deterrent in the past, but feel now it's time for the city to do more.

"Preferably, if speed bumps were in here,” Winstead said.  “I think it would slow them down."

Sixth District leader Ellen Robertson said she is aware of the complaints from residents and plans to take action.

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