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Why Petersburg firefighters cannot access $6,000 in donations

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COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. -- Sport Clips in Colonial Heights is collecting supplies for Petersburg firefighters, for the month of February.

Sports Clips manager Wanda Ward visited four stations to see what was needed.

"It's been very beneficial to the firefighters in the stations, it's allowed us to do our jobs when it comes to sanitizing, cleaning and maintaining good living quarters,” said Dan Macaluso, President of the Petersburg Professional Firefighters Association.

Last year Randus Ayres helped collect donations too, welcome supplies for firefighters who had taken a 10 percent pay cut and would have to buy the supplies themselves.

“Toilet Paper, paper towels, detergents, all the things you would need to keep the fire station clean,” Ayres said.

"We're extremely grateful for the support and generosity of the community,” Macaluso said.

Not everyone donated items, some donated cash and checks to help buy supplies

"To my understanding, we had just short of $6,000 in a special fund,” Macaluso said.

To this day, none of that money has ever been touched.

"The key thing to remember on this, is that this is specific for the fire department, it can not be used for any other purchases within the city,” said Acting Petersburg Fire Chief Milazzo.

The money is in a fire programs donation account but can't be used just yet.

"There's a process that has to be finalized and that is done through City Council, through an appropriation,” Milazzo said.

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