Arrests made during Carytown protest

FedEx driver saves American flag from being torched, gets national support

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IOWA CITY, Iowa — A group of protesters in Iowa City got more than they bargained for when tried to burn an American flag, according to WQAD.

A FedEx worker stepped in, doused the flames and took the flag away — and the incident was caught on video. Another bystander argued with the protesters.

When the group tried to burn another flag — the FedEx worker came back and extinguished the fire.

In the video, protesters argued that burning the flag is a protected right of the First Amendment, but the group did not have a proper burn permit from the city. Kelli Ebensberger, 21, of Iowa City, and Paul Osgerby, 23, of Ames, were arrested for open burning, which is a simple misdemeanor in Iowa.

The group says their message behind burning the flag wasn’t anti-veteran. Instead they say they were protesting racial and social injustice.

FedEx said in a statement to the Iowa City Press Citizen that Uhrin has been interviewed about the incident, and the company is handling the investigation internally.

Then FedEx confirmed Saturday morning on Twitter that he will be allowed to keep his job, after thousands of people signed an online petition to make sure he doesn’t lose his job over the incident.

The employee says his actions have nothing to do with the company.

People have been showing support for Uhrin on social media with the hashtag #FedExGuy.

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