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‘Naked man’ of the James River has indecent exposure charge dismissed

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Last summer we reported the latest arrest of Thomas "The Naked Man" Roane - his fourth arrest for nudity in one of Richmond's parks.

We finally caught up with him and his case and learned his indecent exposure charge was dismissed by a Richmond judge.

“Dismissed, that’s my favorite word today,” Roane said with a chuckle.

The dismissal is significant, perhaps signaling a relaxing of Richmond's total ban on nudity.

“The Judge agreed with the two Supreme Court Judges that nudity in its self is not obscene. And if it’s not obscene it’s not indecent exposure,” added Roane.


He previously told CBS 6 that he enjoys sunbathing in the buff because it makes him feel free and its fun.

"It's the mental freedom that you have. We're all brainwashed to keep our clothes on," Roane said in 2013.

Many have seen him. Some say he makes them feel a little uncomfortable, but because of his age and demeanor, he doesn’t seem threatening.

But others embrace his carefree attitude.

The retired agricultural engineering professor, now 80 and suffering with Parkinson's disease, now hopes to fight a previous court order banning him from Richmond's parks.

Thomas "The Naked Man" Roane

Thomas "The Naked Man" Roane

Despite the ban, Roane said he enjoyed some time in the buff at the river just days ago.

He wants help to rally for a secluded stretch of the river park for nude swimming and sunbathing.

“Optional, clothing optional,” Roane said of his vision for the future of the river park.

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