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Steve Harvey helps local PE teacher begin weight loss journey

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Steve Harvey helps a young health and PE teacher at Caroline Middle School kick off his weight loss journey with the help of celebrity trainer Shaun T and WTVR CBS 6 anchor Julie Bragg on a special "Steve Harvey" to be broadcast Monday at 4 p.m. on CBS 6.

Sharquita Dudley contacted Steve Harvey because she is worried about her husband's health.

Aaron Dudley, who is now 32 years old, played college football, but after an injury his freshman year, he became less active and the weight has been creeping up ever since. He now weighs more than 400 pounds.

Ironically, Aaron works as a health and physical education teacher as well as a football coach.

The pair have been married six years and have four kids together, and Sharquita wants Aaron to turn his health around, so he can be part of their lives for many more years to come.

Shaun T, Aaron and Sharquita Dudley and Steve Harvey

Shaun T, Aaron and Sharquita Dudley and Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey enlists the help of world renowned motivator and creator of “The Insanity Workout,” Shaun T, to help Aaron start turning things around. Shaun will give Aaron a workout plan to help him drop the pounds, despite his busy schedule.

And with the help of CBS 6 WTVR anchor, Julie Bragg, Steve surprises Aaron with a special message from his students at Caroline Middle School. And Principal Angela Wright pledges to join Aaron in his weight loss journey.

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