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Some pothole-riddled roads need repaving city officials admit

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Lee Cook said he has been dealing with potholes on Stony Run Parkway in Richmond for years.

"You’ll hit them, and if you’re not looking for them at night, you will tear your bike up,” Cook said.

Cook said while work crews have patched up potholes in the past, he said the problem wasn’t going away.


He would like to see the street paved and noted the road looked different when you cross over from Richmond into Henrico County.

"When you’re coming off Nine Mile Road and you get onto Evergreen at the top it’s smooth, but when you get past those double yellow lines the road becomes real rough,” Cook said.

CBS 6 Problem Solvers took Cook's concerns to the Richmond Department of Public Works.

“We know that Stony Run Parkway has not been paved in the past 10 years and we know that it is in fact due, but we obviously have to work within the constraints of our budget,” said Deputy Director Bobby Vincent.


Vincent said the department is looking to try to budget for paving within the next few years.

He also said after CBS 6 contacted the City about the pothole concerns, crews did go out and patch dozens of them.

“It was a little easier to prioritize since we are currently doing a pothole blitz,” said Vincent.

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