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Gelati Celesti Ice Cream to open Scott’s Addition location in February

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PHOTO: Gelati Celesti

RICHMOND, Va. – One of Richmond’s most popular ice cream chains is officially opening in Scott’s Addition this winter.

Gelati Celesti will open on The Boulevard on Thursday, February 9, 2017. The highly anticipated ice cream store had initially planned to open its fourth location in late summer 2016.

The new popular ice cream shop will be located across from Bowtie Cinemas, at 1400 N. Boulevard.

Owners Steve and Kim Rosser announced the date for the Scott’s Addition opening on the Gelati Celesti Ice Cream Facebook page.

“We’re excited for lots of reasons. First, so many city dwellers have asked for a store closer to their home and this location is perfect for those that live in the Fan, Scott’s Addition, Northside, Carver, Malvern area, etc,” Steve Rosser wrote on Facebook.

Owners Steve and Kim Rosser (PHOTO: Michael Thompson)

Owners Steve and Kim Rosser (PHOTO: Michael Thompson)

Rosser went on to say the new store will also provide new jobs for the area.

“Secondly, not only will we have jobs to fill with new employees but three internal promotions were created as a result of our new store.”

Rosser previously said the Scott’s Addition location will stand out from others because the square footage is larger, and there will be expanded customer seating.

The location will also include a parking lot and a patio.

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