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Trump protesters march Richmond streets in wake of inauguration

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Hundreds of Trump protesters have gather in Richmond to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump Friday afternoon.

The demonstration comes as Trump protesters across the country are organizing in the wake of the inauguration of President Donald Trump Friday afternoon.

The protesters flooded the streets, yelling obscenities and voicing their displeasure with the President.

The social movement group, DISRUPTJ20RVA, held a brief rally in protest at Abner Clay Park in Jackson Ward. The protesters then made their way to Broad Street, marching with signs reading “F*** Trump”, Black Lives Matter” and “No Borders, No Walls.”

Earlier Friday evening, CBS 6 spoke with Mallory O'Shea, who is an activist with DISRUPTJ20RVA. She said the march is in conjunction with others across the country sending a message to President Trump and his agenda.

"We won't be silenced by the efforts of a fascist President,” said O’Shea.

She went on to say she expects the protest to be peaceful and she doesn't anticipate any problems.


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