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Parents receive warm up with free coffee while children sled

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RICHMOND, Va. -- After receiving several inches of snow last week, CBS 6 wanted to treat area parents to a warm up with some coffee.

Jake Burns caught up with some parents while they were watching their children sled at Forest Hill Park.

Parents receive warm up with free coffee

“You know when it snows outside and the kids are enjoying the sledding, we always think the parents are kind of left out,” said Jake. “They are sitting there watching, having fun themselves, but today we wanted to treat the parents a little bit.”

So Jake, with the help of Union Bank and Trust, handed out free cups of Alchemy Coffee to help make the chilly day a little warmer.

Parents receive warm up with free coffee

“What we ask is that you guys do something nice for someone else. Sound good?” asked Jake. “That’s the only thing that you have to do and return… and have fun sledding.”

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