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POWHATAN, Va -- Three months have passed since a 14-year-old boy was paralyzed when the moped he and his mother were riding on at night was hit from behind.

His mother faces charges for the Oct. 1 crash, but she can't be found.

Before the accident on Route 60, just west of Academy Road in Powhatan County, 14-year-old Evan Handschumaker loved to play the video game Call of Duty.

He's now paralyzed from the chest down, only has use of his right hand and his father said it is a struggle to keep his son's spirits up.



He was riding on the back of the black moped around 1:30 a.m., and not only was the headlight off, but the vehicle was traveling around 5 mph. A van hit the moped from behind at speeds of about 55 mph.

Evan's road to recovery isn't just physical. Mentally, family members say the teen has dealt with a lot the past couple of years, including his mom’ arson arrest.

“Her and her brother got into an argument and she doused the shed with gasoline with him inside,” said Arron Handschumaker.


The Powhatan Sheriff's Office confirms Billie Anne Cain is considered a fugitive.

Court records show she's been indicted and charged with DUI with maiming, DUI second offense and child abuse with serious injury.

“He wants her to own up to what she's done,” Arron said. "My son would ask her to turn herself in and accept the consequences for what she has done."

He said that is when Evan will truly begin to heal.


Family members said they’re scrambling to pay bills and try and raise enough money through a GoFundMe to build the boy a wheelchair ramp.

Just a day after this story was published, police said they located and arrested Billie Anne Cain.