Relay Foods closes Richmond warehouse, lays off workers

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Relay Foods trucks await deliveries at the Scott’s Addition distribution warehouse.

RICHMOND, Va. — A summertime merger between online grocers in Charlottesville and Colorado is resulting in changes on the ground in Richmond.

Relay Foods, an online grocer headquartered in Charlottesville, is closing its Richmond distribution warehouse in Scott’s Addition as the brand is being dissolved into Denver-based Door to Door Organics as part of a merger announced earlier this year.

On Jan. 15, Relay Foods will cease operations and its Richmond and Charlottesville warehouses will close.

Dozens of employees in Virginia will be laid off as a result, including an unspecified number in Richmond and 48 in Charlottesville.

Grocery delivery services will continue in Richmond through the Door to Door brand.

“We will have approximately 25 employees in Virginia that will continue to support the business from the marketing, product, merchandising, people and culture, operations, and customer care departments,” Door to Door spokeswoman Cambria Jacobs said.

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