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Possible job cuts slated for Petersburg with recent budget amendment

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PETERSBURG, Va. -- The bottom line is that not enough money is coming in, and cuts haven't saved as much money as anticipated, so Petersburg City Council will have to decide how to save more money.

The Robert Bobb Management Team has been meeting this week with all City Department Heads and giving them a second budget amendment to look over.

This amendment shows where more cuts are needed and in some cases it includes cutting jobs. "The budget amendment that they're going to talk about on

"The budget amendment that they're going to talk about on Tuesday," says City Treasurer Kevin Brown. "Have two people from my department that they're trying to remove from my budget."

City leaders tell CBS 6 that in the first six months of this fiscal year, the incoming revenue and cuts in spending forecasted in the first amendment have not manifested, so a second amendment is needed to make sure the budget is balanced at the end of the year.

Kevin Brown said he doesn't want to lose two positions in his department and he is proposing a new billing process procedure, that some agree will be a benefit to the City.

"We have a meeting with Suntrust next week and we hope to talk about the Lock Box Process, where people will send the money to the PO Box, where Suntrust will process those PO Box payments on a daily basis".

Job cuts may be what is needed to save the City money.

"I of course like anybody else, don't like to see an employee being cut," says local business owner Joe Battiston."But if that's what it's going to take to get the City back on its feet, I see no other way of doing it".

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