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Cinnabon apologizes for tasteless Carrie Fisher tweet

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NEW YORK — Cinnabon has apologized for what it concedes was a tasteless tweet about the death of Carrie Fisher.

Social media was filled Tuesday with heartfelt tributes to the actress who created the Star Wars heroine Princess Leia. There were videos, “force” references and tender memories.

Then there was the Cinnabon tweet.

“RIP Carrie Fisher, you’ll always have the best buns in the galaxy,” the tweet said, in a jaw-dropping mix of commercialism and double entendre on the day she died.

The tweet included a drawing of Princess Leia done in cinnamon shavings, with her famous ringlets around her ears replaced by a cinnamon bun.

It wasn’t up for long, but it quickly drew complaints.

Cinnabon apologized for the tweet early Wednesday, saying it was “genuinely meant as a tribute.”

Cinnabon is owned by Focus Brands, which also owns Carvel, Moe’s, Auntie Anne’s, McAlister’s Deli. Focus Brands did not respond to a request for comment.

Not everyone was upset by the original tweet.

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