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Fathers receive day in spotlight after being honored for being ‘great dads’

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Mike Pascucci never thought he would be sitting at The Jefferson Hotel being served lunch. The man from Henrico enjoyed a day in the spotlight.

Mike along with 14 other men were selected for being great dads by Father Christmas.

“I was really surprised,” said Mike. “I didn’t know why it was special. I was doing what I’m supposed to do.”

Sandy Pascucci nominated her husband who she says goes the extra distance.

Mike Pascucci

Mike Pascucci

“I was really excited and actually thinking is this really happening,” said Sandy. “I think a lot of times (men) are the unsung hero. They’re expected to do things and we don’t take time to recognize them.”

Sandy said Mike is a stay at home dad during the day and works all night to provide for his family.

“He has been taking them to the park, to the library and to pre-school. He does a lot for our family,” said Sandy.

These dads were selected from a field of 75 by The Relationship Foundation of Virginia. Chris Beach with Father Christmas says men need to be recognized for their sacrifices.


“We’re recognizing great dads in our community,” said Beach. “It is truly humbling to be in the presence of such great men.”

Maynette Stith nominated her worthy father. She says as a single dad Mr. Stith, a Marine Corps veteran, raised three children and served as the perfect role model.

“We’re always (recognizing) moms, moms. moms. We do forget about the dads and we have some dads out here that are stay at home dads, out here that are getting overlooked a lot,” said Maynette.

Mr. Stith and Maynette

Mr. Stith and Maynette

The dads honored come from various backgrounds. From airplane mechanics and nurse to a DJ and Marine Corp veteran. But each one put their family’s first.

Loved ones of the fathers said the season of giving is the perfect time to honor those that have given so much.


“I hope I made his whole year. I hope I made his whole year. I hope he knows he is so greatly appreciated,” says Maynette. “He definitely made my life. Without my dad I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am today.”

The Relationship Foundation of Virginia wants to expand the number of fathers recognized to 25 next year. Down the road the organization would like recognize more than 100 fathers at a gala at The Jefferson.