Big Herm’s Deep Fried Lobster Tail

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RICHMOND, Va. – Fan Favorite Big Herm Baskerville joined us in the kitchen and whipped up his signature Deep Fried Lobster Tail, served over a bed of Rice Pilaf. Big Herm’s Kitchen is located at 315 N. 2nd St. in Richmond. For more information you can visit

2 – Medium Lobster Tails (rinsed)
1 cup – Water
2 cups – Your favorite breader
4 Tbls – Butter
1 tsp – garlic powder

Heat deep fryer on 350. Lay fresh lobster on cutting board. Cut long ways the shell only. Do not cut the meat of lobster. Pull meat out of shell but leave it attached at near end of tail. Score lobster meat slightly in criss-cross lines.
Dip in water, shaking off access water. Dredge in breader.
Slowly lower tail in fryer. Cook 3-4 mins until Golden Brown.
Meantime, in small bowl melt together butter and garlic.
Plate Fried Lobster on a bed of Rice Pilaf or Linguine Noodles. Drizzle butter compote on top.