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AYLETT, Va. -- Some neighbors in Aylett said they were at their wits end over their mail service.

Gina Lumpkin reported her mail delivery has been coming later and later each day. Since her regular postal carrier has been out on leave, Lumpkin said some letters or packages have never arrived.

"I have six packages I have not received that said they have been shipped and my neighbor has six packages that she said shipped and delivered and she hasn’t received anything," Lumpkin said.

While packages are important, her biggest concern is bills she mailed out to creditors that haven't made it to their destinations.

"Friday I got home and had a creditor asked why I hadn’t paid a bill and I said ma’am I mailed it three weeks ago. She said we haven’t received it," Lumpkin added.

Frustrated, Lumpkin and nearly a dozen other postal customers contacted CBS 6 Problem Solvers to investigate.

We met a concerned customer at the Aylett branch who was searching for her package. She told us she eventually found out why it wasn't delivered.

"The delivery man was in an accident and the paramedics had to pick him up and all the mail went back to the post office," Anne Pleasants said.

Like Pleasants, Lumpkin said she and others with similar issues just want answers.

"With Christmas only two weeks away many of us are in a panic. Are we going to get our gifts we purchased for our family and friends? My grandson? I don’t know if it’s going to be here on time and that’s upsetting," Lumpkin said.

She and others said their frustrations were mounting because they haven't been able to get any clear cut answers as to where their packages are whenever they call or visit that post office.

CBS 6 tried to speak with the Post Master in Aylett, but she referred all questions to the USPS public relations team.

Freda Sauter, the rep there, said December was their busiest time of year and they do their best to adjust work hours for carriers.

To try and minimize problems, Sauter said they planned to add higher capacity vehicles this week to the Aylett branch which will allow carriers to load more packages and improve delivery time.

She also said they would expanded hours and even deliver on Sundays.

Customers who continue to experience problems are urged to call 804-775-6313.

Sauter said if customers in that area received notification that their packages have been delivered to the Aylett branch, they may pick them up beginning at Noon on Tuesday, December 13.