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CLEARWATER, Flor. — It all started from a class project, now a 9-year-old Florida boy is working to make this holiday season special for others.

If you are looking for Charles Howard you may find him mowing lawns in his neighborhood.

The 9-year-old is only charging $10 per yard, but it’s why he’s cutting the grass, that impresses his neighbors.

“He has got to be the most helpful kid I’ve ever met,” said Charles’ neighbor, Bonnie. “I have to give you an extra $5.”

Charles is collecting money to buy dozens of Christmas presents for less fortunate children in his community.

Charles Howard (Photo: Bobby Lewis, WTSP)

Charles Howard (Photo: Bobby Lewis, WTSP)

“They’re going to a Toys For Tots place,” Charles told WTSP. “It feels really good inside. It makes my heart feel really good.”

The idea was sparked when his teacher assigned a class project in late-November to get kids involved in a community cause.

“I’m so proud. Yes, he’s definitely in a league of his own in the way that he cares about other people and puts other people first,” said his mother, Courtney.

“The goal is to make sure kids are happy who don’t have gifts,” said Charles.

Now, the elementary-schooler’s generosity is inspiring others from across the country.

His mother made a Facebook post saying Charles was trying to buy gifts for children who are less fortunate. People from across the country replied, asking how they could help.

So, she decided to set up a wish-list on Amazon.

Donations have poured in to help those who otherwise may not have Christmas presents.

If you would like to contribute to Charles’s mission, you donate to his Amazon wish list.