Baby Cooper is going home!

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RICHMOND, Va.. — After 100 days in the NICU, Baby Cooper is going home.

You may recall the story of Cooper Young’s birth.

April Young, a Colonial Heights teacher, and her husband Philip, a Stafford firefighter, were in South Carolina when April’s water broke. It was August. Baby Cooper was not due until November.

Cooper was delivered via emergency C section at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. He weighed just one pound and 15 ounces. Cooper and his parents stayed in South Carolina for weeks as doctors monitored the pre-mature baby’s progress.

It was while the family was in South Carolina that Hurricane Matthew began to brew in the Caribbean.

Eventually Philip and his tiny son were allowed to be flown back to Richmond to stay out of the powerful storm’s path.

After three months at VCU Medical Center in Richmond, Cooper is ready to go home.

“We’ve been extremely fortunate through this entire journey. We’ve been able to be with Cooper much more than some get to be with their NICU babies,” Philip wrote on the Facebook page he maintained to keep friends, family, and well wishers up to date on Cooper’s progress. “We’ve come to know a lot of amazing people who love and care for little strangers, I mean nuggets, friends, and peanuts, as if they were their own. We’ve seen some bad, but we’ve seen some extremely good, some may say miraculous things while we’ve been on this journey. One thing is for sure. We have never been a part of a more supportive, caring, and loving group of people.”

The Youngs plan one final Facebook update when Cooper finally goes home on Wednesday.

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