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Ill grandmother reunited with lost quilt in ‘Christmas miracle’

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DALLAS, Texas -- Memories are what make a quilt.

"I would say the Christmas photo," Jordan Braziel said, pointing at a picture on his grandmother's family quilt. "It was a great time for us, and we were all happy."

"It showed all of us together and having peace for once," little sister Lexi added, making everyone laugh.

Yes, quilts tend to hold ALL of the memories.

"The time that we went to the pool, the time Lexi was a cheerleader, the time that we went to another country probably," Liam Braziel said, pointing to each picture. "Then we've got the time with my favorite animal, the turtle." The explanations and the stories went on and on.

Family talks about quilt they lost

Family talks about quilt they lost

Saturday wasn't a day that would make the quilt. That's because Saturday's memory was the quilt itself.

It's a story WDAF told last week when Amanda Hanes took to Facebook in an effort to track down the owner of a quilt she pulled off Interstate-30 in Texas.

Nearly 4,000 shares later, the owners were found.

"We went to my grandmother's house to bring stuff for memories because she had a stroke," Jordan Braziel said. "We got back here and started taking everything out, and it was gone."

The quilt is full of memories.

The quilt is full of memories.

They thought it was over, and they'd have to get another one made. They thought wrong.

"It meant a lot to me to be able to bring it to them," Hanes said.

For the grandmother, Reba Stanley, fighting hard to regain her normal life after a stroke, it meant even more.

"To have other people care enough to find something like this and get it back to you, I can't ever express my gratitude enough and my happiness enough," Stanley said. "I'm trying not to cry."

Christmas miracle? Maybe.

More importantly, it's a shining example of what a little extra effort can mean to the lives of others.

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