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Why Varina football coach called Becca Childress his favorite player

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VARINA, Va. -- Goals. Rebecca Childress relishes them. With a 3.97 GPA the Varina High School senior takes pride in her grades in advance placement courses. Becca does not shy away from a challenge.

"I like sciences and math and things like that. And (being) hands on. If there is a problem I need to solve it," Becca said.

Her competitive nature stretches beyond the classroom.

The girl with a hands on approach settles the score using her feet too -- on the girl’s soccer squad.

Becca Childress

Becca Childress

“I like academics. I’m good at them. But I love sports,” Becca said. “Oh! All the way I definitely prefer cleats to heels. Heels make your feet hurt and you can barely walk in them.”

Her chosen footwear is also helping Becca make her mark in a different school sport.

Wearing #88 Becca can kick the pigskin with precision.

Four years ago she became Varina High School’s first female player on the boys football team.

Becca Childress

Becca Childress

“It actually takes a lot to get the form down,” Becca said. “It is not just three steps back and two steps over.”

The girl who stands 5'4" and 105 pounds is going toe to toe on the field with the big boys.

Head Coach Stu Brown said his veteran kicker is no shrinking violet. Coach Brown said the longest Becca has kicked the ball in a game was 40 yards.

“My favorite player is Rebecca Childress,” Coach Brown said. “There are men who were not tough enough to be a part of this football team.”

While her fellow Blue Devils protect her, other teams aren’t so impressed.

Becca Childress

Becca Childress

“I’ve been called the ‘B’ word and lots of foul languages,” Becca said.

Becca lets criticisms roll off of her foot and through the uprights.

Her proud mom Janine knew from an early age her daughter would choose a different path in life.

“She holds her own. She is very feisty,” Janine said. “I’m like whatever you want to try it try it. If you fail. Fantastic.”

At times Janine does worry about her daughter’s safety, but she said nothing was going to stop her spitfire daughter who posed for her homecoming photo in shoulder pads and a sash while holding a bouquet of flowers.



Becca Childress

Becca Childress


With her football career in the books, Rebecca Childress and her mom reflect as graduation nears.

“This was her idea. This was her adventure and she did it all by herself,” Janine said.

But Rebecca is setting new goals off the field where she promises to always keep a leg up on life.

“I didn’t want to just go to high school and be a high schooler,” Becca said. "I wanted to do something to be remembered I guess you could say. And hopefully this works.”

Becca will be making a decision on where she will be going to college in the coming months.

Looking ahead Becca wants to play soccer in college. Following her studies she is eyeing a career as a Bio Sports Mechanic.

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