Brothers of man convicted of murdering clerk charged with attempted robbery

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RICHMOND, Va. -- The brothers of a Chesterfield man who was convicted of murdering a store clerk was arrested Saturday night for an attempted robbery of a convenience store.

Tyriq Wilhite and his 17-year-old brother were arrested at a Hull Street convenience store in South Richmond.

They were held at gunpoint by the store owner inside the Latino market off Hull Street after police say they attempted to rob the store.

Tyriq Wilhite

Tyriq Wilhite

When officers arrived to the scene they found Tyriq and his younger brother sitting on the ground, with the owner pointing a gun, telling them not to move.

"I’m surprised the owner even fought back," said Ryan Lipps, who lives close by.

The owner told CBS 6 off camera that in his 16 years at the location, he never had a problem. He said when the suspects entered his store with their faces partially covered, he knew to grab his gun.


Tyriq and the juvenile, whose name has not been released, are the brothers of Trayvon Wilhite and 14-year-old Tyquise who were involved in the murder of a Chesterfield store clerk earlier this year.

Trayvon Wilhite, 19, was just sentenced Tuesday to 40 years in prison for shooting and killing Chesterfield convenience store owner Harshad Patel.

Patel's widow says she was pleased with the 40 years Wilhite will have to serve.

Trayvon M. Wilhite, 19

Trayvon M. Wilhite, 19

When told of the relation, the Latino market owner said he was shocked at the choices people make.

"I don't know what this world is coming to,” said one neighbor. “People just aren't thinking. They're worried, I guess, about not having money."

Tyriq Wilhite has a court hearing in Richmond Wednesday morning. CBS 6 reporter Jon Burkett reached out to his family, but they declined to comment.

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