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CNN has made four moves on the Road to 270 map since the previous update, and all of them are in Donald Trump’s direction.

Ohio, Utah and Maine’s 2nd Congressional District are all moving from the toss-up category to “lean Republican.” And New Hampshire is moving from “lean Democratic” to a pure battleground state.

That puts Hillary Clinton’s potential electoral vote total at 268 when adding up all the states that are solidly or leaning in her direction, compared with Trump’s 204 when combining all states that are solidly or leaning in his direction. That leaves six toss-up contests worth a total of 66 electoral votes.

Clinton remains in a much stronger electoral position than Trump. In the current snapshot, Clinton would need to win only one of the remaining toss-up states to secure the presidency. Trump needs to win all of them. But his mountain to climb to get to 270 electoral votes is now ever so slightly less steep.

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