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Richmond voters frequently unable to identify Mayoral candidates

Richmond voters frequently unable to identify Mayoral candidates
Posted at 9:50 PM, Oct 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-31 23:08:08-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- A number of Richmond voters still have a lot to learn about the candidates running for Mayor, according to an unscientifc poll conducted by CBS 6 reporter Melissa Hipolit and photographer Dustin Kelley.

The pair went all over Richmond with images of the leading candidates for Mayor, and they asked people to identify each candidate and say what came to mind.

They found out many people still do not even know who is running.

In fact, sometimes, they just flat out did not recognize a candidate.

“Is he on trial? Is that the former governor?,” Andre Russell from Southside, asked when shown a picture of Jon Baliles.

“He looks like Jamie Fox. I don’t know who that is” Demetria Allen who works on Hull Street in Manchester, said when shown a picture of Levar Stoney.

Other times, they had an inkling.

“La la Lavoy? “Todd Gelsomino who was walking on Cary Street, guessed when shown a picture of Stoney.

“Umm…Jon Baliss,” Luke Everett who was in Carytown Monday, offered when shown a picture of Baliles.

“That’s Mosley,” Demetria Allen said when shown a picture of Michelle Mosby.

But for one candidate, and one candidate only, every single Richmond voter we talked to recognized him immediately.

“That is Joe Morrissey he is a lawyer and he is embroiled in some scandals,” Mark Schairbaum said when shown a picture of Morrissey.

“Just a regular Joe like his name,” Robert Love who was walking in Carytown Monday, said.

“That’s Joe, he’s fighting for the people,” Russell said.

Hipolit and Kelley went from Southside to Northside, up to Church Hill and back down to Carytown.

“Everybody likes Joe,” Benita Moody, who lives in Southside, said about Morrissey.

“He looks like a nice grandpa,” Walter Lindsey, who lives in Church Hill, said.

“Was he adopted, I saw on the news? Todd Gelsomino said about Stoney.

“That Lamar guy, he works out maybe,” Love said about Stoney.

The pair found a lot of voters who still need to study a bit before casting a ballot.

“Gotta do some research,” Allen said.

And others who said they are ready to go.

“I’m probably going to go for Jack Berry,” Schairbaum said.

“Joe, he’s a guy you can count on,” Russell said.

“I think I’m voting for Levar Stoney, I’m leaning that way too,” Walter Lindsey and Ellen Johnston said.