Teen’s remarkable pet project will make you proud

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WOODSTOCK, Conn. -- One Connecticut teen is using his spare time to restore a piece of history.

Orion Newall-Vuillemot is not your average 15-year-old, WFSB reported.

"I'm into trains. I've always had train set in the basement trains, railroad signs," Newall-Vuillemot said. "But, when I confronted my parents about bringing a boxcar to our house. Really, yea I'm into trains.

Newall-Vuillemot said when he saw an ad on the internet for a 1930 Boston and Maine box car, he made a call. Newall-Vuillemot ended up buying it for $1 with the promise of moving it from a railroad yard in Waterbury by the end of October.

"We're doing this to preserve a piece of railroad history," Newall-Vuillemot said. "It's like one of 3 or 4 Boston Maine boxcars left and it makes sense to preserve this piece of history."

This piece of history was moved Wednesday to his home in Woodstock.

"This car we have to sand, a lot of the wood needs to be replaced as you can see the interior of the car is great," Newall-Vuillemot said. "The roof is excellent. Just a lot of the boards there's gaps in between them, they need to be replaced, sanded and then repainted completely."

Newall-Vuillemot said he hopes to have it ready by the summer of 2019.

"It's my one-dollar boxcar," Newall-Vuillemot said.

When he's finished, Newall-Vuillemot said he hopes to donate the boxcar to a museum or a local railroad.