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RICHMOND, Va. — Cue the creepy synthesizer and eerie music notes because Halloween is fast approaching. It is the season for creepy slasher films and for scaring yourself to the point of dropping the popcorn.

But which movie scares Virginians the most?  The company Decluttr, an online source for selling used entertainment and digital tech, used their data to find out which horror movie the residents of each state have been selling off the most and compiled a list. They interpret the data to mean getting rid of the movie means the person is “just too scared to cling onto it.”

But it could also mean its the movie that no longer scared the owners, so they sold it at discount, just saying. 

Map via Decluttr

Map via Decluttr

According to their non-scientific data compilation, residents of the Commonwealth are most scared by the 1991 thriller “Silence of the Lambs,”  directed by Jonathan Demme. Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins and Scott Glenn starred in the Academy-Award winning production.

The introduction of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a cannibalistic serial killer, was certainly creepy.

What do you say? Do you still hear the screaming of the lambs?

Here is the full list of movies by state, according to Declutter.

State Movie
Alaska The Exorcist
Alabama The Evil Dead
Arkansas IT
Arizona Friday the 13th
California The Shining
Colorado Hannibal
Connecticut Identity
Delaware Blade
Florida The Conjuring
Georgia A Nightmare on Elm Street
Hawaii The Hills Have Eyes
Iowa The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Idaho The Others
Illinois Poltergeist
Indiana A Nightmare on Elm Street
Kansas Wrong Turn
Kentucky The Exorcist
Louisiana Dark Water
Massachusetts The Ring
Maryland Hostel
Maine The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Michigan 28 Days Later
Minnesota Secret Window
Missouri Sinister
Mississippi The Conjuring
Montana 28 Days Later
North Carolina Wrong Turn
North Dakota The Evil Dead
Nebraska Friday the 13th
New Hampshire IT
New Jersey The Grudge
New Mexico The Conjuring
Nevada Hannibal
New York The Grudge
Ohio The Ring
Oklahoma Poltergeist
Oregon The Grudge
Pennsylvania Blade 2
Rhode Island Wolf Creek
South Carolina Unborn
South Dakota IT
Tennessee The Exorcist
Texas The Ring
Utah The Shining
Virginia Silence of the Lambs
Vermont Sinister
Washington Friday the 13th
Wisconsin Identity
West Virginia The Others
Wyoming Friday the 13th


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