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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Harvie Elementary School in eastern Henrico County has some great kids who respect their teachers' requests to be quiet during class.

But on October 19, the teachers wanted their students to yell as loudly as possible for Ms. Connie Durvin.

Why not? After all, it was "Connie Durvin Day."

Ms. Durvin's face was nearly as pink as her shirt when she walked into the packed school gym.

Kids yelled.

Teachers cried.

Songs were sung.

They sang "Wind Beneath My Wings" twice.

They wanted to let Ms. Durvin know that she was their hero.

Ms. Durvin has been there for the kids almost every day as a principal's secretary and volunteer for over 20 years.

Well, except for the days she had surgery and chemotherapy for treating her breast cancer; twice.

"I've always felt a huge amount of support and caring and love from the staff that I work with," Ms. Durvin said, "and this just reiterates my resolve to stay here until they carry me out!"

It's quite fitting, don't you think, that the Harvie Elementary School a hero.

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