More than 20,000 Virginians register to vote during extension period

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Governor Terry McAuliffe announced on Twitter early Friday that more than 21,000 people had submitted voter applications on line so far during the voter registration extension period.

With that number bound to go up by 11:59 p.m. Friday, Chesterfield's registrar Larry Haake said registrar across the state will have to individually process all of those applications online, but they won't even receive the applications from the Virginia Department of Elections for an entire week.

Haake said that won't give them much time to ensure everyone is on the pollbook. A pollbook is the list volunteers check on election day before allowing you to cast your vote.

Still, he said if you are registered by 11:59 p.m. Friday night, which is when the extension ends, your vote will count.

"Key information for the voter. If they're not on the pollbook, they will have the opportunity to vote a provisional ballot, and if they're in the que and didn't make the pollbook, that ballot will be counted," Haake said.

All of this comes after a computer glitch during Monday's deadline made it difficult for some people to register and locked others out of the website.

Ultimately a federal judge ordered the state to extend the voter registration deadline on Thursday.