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‘I’ve asked for a report:’ McAuliffe on voter registration system crash

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RICHMOND, Va. -- It was around 6 p.m. Monday night when Joe’i Chancellor got online to change her address for the upcoming election before the deadline.

“I got my information in, and punched the green button to go,” said Chancellor.

However, Chancellor said she didn’t get past that point in the process.

“It just kept spinning, and then it would give you an error message that said ‘file not found,’” she said.

Chancellor isn’t alone.

Several viewers also called CBS 6 and said they couldn’t get through on the website while trying to register.

“It’s a very unfortunate situation for so many people because this election is so very important,” said Chancellor.

The ACLU of Virginia is now calling for the Virginia Department of Elections to extend the registration deadline.

“If you’re physically present down at the local registrar’s office, it should be the same rule if you’re trying to get online,” said Claire Gastanaga, Executive Director of the ACLU of Virginia.


With so many reaching out the CBS 6, we took their concerns straight to Governor Terry McAuliffe and asked about the possible extension.

“We need to look at how many people were affected,” said McAuliffe. “If I could do it myself, I would. I can’t, I don’t have the authority to do it, but I’ve asked for a report.”

CBS 6 reached out to the Virginia Department of Elections multiple times for a statement.

As of late Tuesday night, we have not yet heard back.