Police: Road rage leads to shooting

11-year-old student hit in drive-by shooting

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RICHMOND, Va. -- A feud between people who live in Gilpin, Mosby and Whitcomb Courts may be to blame for Saturday night’s drive-by shooting that left two young children with gunshot wounds, according to police sources.

Jalil Austin, the 11-year-old boy who took a bullet to the thigh Saturday night, got out of the hospital Monday and was already working on getting back to what he loves most – football.

Shortly after his mom led a march in Mosby Court with friends, family, and police, Jalil was out of VCU Medical Center, and already back where he felt safest: on a Southside football field.

"I had two touchdowns," he said, talking about the game that ended just hours before he was shot.

In fact, Jalil’s mom said her son was named offensive player of the year on the day he was shot.

Jalil Austin

Jalil Austin

The sixth grader plays for the Blackwell Bulldogs football team. His next game will be in a player/coach capacity. "I just want to get back to playing," he said.

The gunmen who sprayed bullets is still on the run, so police hope someone in the community will come forward with information.

Jalil and a 13-year-old girl were caught as bullets zipped by.

"They were shooting everywhere,” Jalil said. "I got shot, but kept running because I didn't want to get shot again."

He said his uncle carried him to safety. "I got shot in my thigh," he said.

As the sixth grader described his wound Monday evening, a random gunshot rang out in the distance, which visibly startled the young man fresh off a traumatic injury.

"That scared you?” asked Jon Burkett. “Yeah, a little bit," Jalil said.


Jalil is done for this football season, but with time and rehab he was already working on his comeback story, a story that he hoped has a chapter where the man who shot him was captured.

"It's heartbreaking. This is bigger than football,” said Rode Woodson, the Blackwell Bulldogs football coach. “Here we have a kid who is a good student and respectful, and for something like this to happen, it hurts.”

Jalil said he had never met the teenage girl before Saturday, but has no doubt they will remain friends.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help his family with medical expenses.

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