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CHESTERFIELD, Va. -- A number of residents in a Midlothian neighborhood contacted the CBS 6 Problem Solvers after they stopped receiving mail. Some said they believe their postal carrier is responsible.

Kathy Roberson said that neighbors have been questioning their mail service and are connecting on Facebook about it. She also believes many others have no idea.

"A friend sent me a card with a check in it and it was very suspicious that it took two months to get here from Bon Air and I still haven't gotten it," Roberson said.

Roberson was the one who got the conversation started about mail, and it grew into testimony from others about bills not coming and cards missing.

Then she said she was shocked when a neighbor told her she found a United States Postal Service bin full of mail.

"I think it was two or three weeks ago when she found a USPS bin with packages abandoned on a construction site," she said. "It was obvious something was amiss in our neighborhood."

Another neighbor told CBS 6 that she finally received a few pieces of her mail damaged and in a plastic bag -- it was recovered from a ditch by someone else.

The neighbor said they're frustrated because they don't feel like they've gotten a lot of information from USPS.  We contacted the Office of the Inspector General.

A representative there said they are investigating and that they have a person of interest. However, that mail carrier is missing.

"We're just curious," Roberson asked. "Is the person fired? Are they going to be fired? We would just like an update."