Overnight storms uproot dozens of trees, damage homes

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RICHMOND, Va. -- The constant rain and winds Saturday into early Sunday morning uprooted trees all over Central Virginia.

Some fell on power lines, while others blocked streets and some even fell on homes and cars.

"It just went boom and the whole house just shook," said Grace Allen, who has lived in her Midlothian home off East 33rd Street for 20 years.

Sunday morning, a massive tree on her front lawn was uprooted and  landed on the front of her home destroying her porch.

"The whole front is just gone,” Allen said.

Allen said she has been keeping an eye on the tree, because its limbs have fallen in previous storms, but that it has never been this bad.

"I always had a dream, nightmare that this tree was gonna come down,” Allen said.

Tree down in Grace Allen's yard.

Tree down in Grace Allen's yard.


In the Museum District, strong winds knocked over another tree, blocking the intersection of Patterson and Belmont.

"We've always enjoyed the tree line view off Patterson. This is going to change it big time,” said Beth Bostian, who lives off Belmont.

The tree crushed a parked van that Andrew Thacker bought a few months ago.

"I don't think it's going to drive again, it's pretty under that tree,” Thacker said.

Neighbors and coffee drinkers at Black Hand were shocked to wake up to see the tree uprooted.

"It's usually a lot of traffic and this morning there are tons of people kinda gawking at it,” said Bostian.

Andrew Thacker's van.

Andrew Thacker's van.


One of those people was an arborist who lives around the corner.

"Just saturated soil -- and the wind took it,” Bruce Habermehl said.

Luckily, no one was injured

Grace Allen.

Grace Allen.

"It could've been worse. But I'm OK," Allen said. "I love my house and I just need someone to come and help me and get this tree out of my house.”

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