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Woman heartbroken after Appomattox dog euthanized before adoption

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APPOMATTOX COUNTY, Va. – A Virginia woman is outraged and heartbroken after she says a dog she was about to adopt was euthanized while at the Appomattox County Animal Shelter.

Becky Marsh told WDBJ she has previously adopted from the shelter and had a great experience with her friend "Rosie."

Since the adoption went so well, she decided to adopt another pup, a 3-year-old Springer mix named “Sam.”

Marsh said she planned to pick him up Sam last weekend, but when she got to the shelter she was told Sam was gone.

She later found out he'd been euthanized.

By all accounts, Sam was a healthy dog that was ready to be adopted. So the news of his death struck Marsh hard.

"I was sad, confused, and angry," Marsh said. "I still am."

A volunteer at the Appomattox County Animal Shelter says she was just with Sam days before he was euthanized.

She said he didn't have any health problems to her knowledge.



"I found him to be an extremely gentle dog," said Wells.

Wells said Sam had been up for adoption since February, but she doesn't believe he was put down because of space issues.

"A euthanization is done when there's a reason to put a dog out of its misery," Wells said. "This was murder. This was execution."

Marsh said she does believe euthanasia has its place, but "I don't think this is a situation where it was called for."

Sam’s death has even caught the attention of a local administrator who says she’s investigating the dog’s death.

Appomattox County administrator Susan Adams said she is very concerned about Sam's death and has requested the dog's medical records.

In her preliminary findings, Adams said there doesn't appear to be a medically-related reason for Sam's death.

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