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7-year-old boy found at R. Garland Dodd Park was left by daycare

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CHESTERFIELD, Va. -- Chesterfield Police are investigating exactly how a child was left behind at a park by daycare workers.

A seven-year-old boy was with a daycare group at R. Garland Dodd Park in Enon last Friday, according to police.

When the group left the park, the boy was left behind for 20 minutes before someone from the daycare returned to pick him up.

“I don`t understand,” said Aliyah Reed. “If they count the kids, I don`t understand how they can leave one -- maybe they were just in a rush.

Reed loves to bring her own six-year-old to the Enon park, and she said she can’t fathom what must have been running through the little boy`s mind in those 20 minutes.

“Fear, of course – scared,” she said,” it’s nothing but woods out here.”

“Anything could have possibly happened,” Reed added.

So far, Chesterfield Police has only said that the seven-year-old boy was found by a community member, who called police.

The child was not harmed.

Still, these moms can`t help but think about the “what ifs” of a child left alone in a park nestled along the Appomattox River, and filled with winding trails across a 188-acre area.

Aaliyah Parker said that it didn’t take her long to get lost on the trails when she was out walking.

“There`s so many different paths and trails and we are adults --21 and 25,” Parker said. “If we got lost what would happen to a seven year old?”

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