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Diaper-wearing monkey gets loose, scuffles with Wal-Mart employee in parking lot

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LANCASTER, Ohio – A pet monkey got loose in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Lancaster, Ohio Sunday night after apparently escaping from a recreational vehicle.

Video taken by Richelle Stewart shows a store employee trying to corral the diaper-wearing primate near the shopping cart return area.

When the man gets close, however, the monkey can be seen jumping from the metal railing and grabbing him by the arm and clothing. A woman runs up to the employee yelling, “Let him go, let him go, let him go! If he bites you, they will put him down.”

The woman grabs the monkey by the hand and walks to an RV parked in the lot.

A 911 caller told the emergency operator that the Wal-Mart worker had been bitten, but Lancaster police later determined that the animal had only grabbed the man, and that he was unharmed. Since he wasn’t hurt, no report was filed, according to police.

The Department of Agriculture is trying to identify the woman to find out of the monkey has been registered in Ohio, according to KSNW-TV.

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