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Tim Kaine thanks Richmond community for success: ‘I’m so proud of my city’

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Senator Tim Kaine greeted a hometown crowd of more than 2,000 at Huguenot High School to loud cheers Monday night.

“I’m so proud of my city, I’m so proud of RVA, I’m so proud of Richmond” Kaine told the city.

Richmond is the city where Senator Tim Kaine built his political career starting with City Council all the way up to Governor.

“Everything I know and everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned from you,” Kaine said.

And, now he takes the stage in his adopted home city for what he calls the toughest speech of his life as the Democratic Nominee for Vice President.

“How do I give thanks for and then sum up 32 years of friendship in RVA?” Kaine said.

Tim Kaine

Tim Kaine

Many people in the crowd said Kaine’s candidacy is surreal.

“That was really exciting for me, I really enjoyed it,” one man said.

“It was unbelievable… a lot of kids don’t get to do this stuff and see this stuff,” a ten-year-old child said.

“I was here when he was the mayor and governor and you know, I just really like his campaign,” one woman added.

Outside, a few members of Donald Trump’s Virginia campaign said just because he’s from the Commonwealth doesn’t mean Virginia will support the Clinton-Kaine ticket.

“Nobody really hates Tim Kaine and nobody loves him either, so the Trump campaign doesn’t think it’s going to have much of an impact on the race in Virginia at all,” Corey Stewart, Donald Trump’s Virginia Chairman.

Tim Kaine Dad sign

But, for those that turned out for Senator Kaine’s first rally since being named the democrat’s vice presidential nominee, inside a school that’s part of a Richmond School System that his wife helped integrate, Kaine’s visit signals how much their commonwealth has changed.

“I shook hands with him…and I told him Virginia contigo…si se puede,” one man originally from Cuba said.

Kaine heads to Daytona Beach, Florida and then Greensboro, North Carolina for the next stops on his campaign tour.

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