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11 unexpected jobs with salaries of $100,000 or more

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When you think of jobs with big salaries, you usually consider professions like doctors and lawyers, but those aren’t the only ways to earn a six-figure income.

Job review site Glassdoor.com highlighted 11 different jobs that pay six figures. The website said many of the jobs are highly dependent on the base pay. Others get a boost through other forms of compensation like commissions, tips and bonuses.

Here’s a look at the list:

Special Agent

    • Total median pay: $125,000


    • Median base salary: $121,000


    • Job openings: 85

From Glassdoor:

How to Get Hired: Some special agents work for law enforcement and help build cases for criminal investigations by amassing evidence. Others are employed by private companies. Their role may be to examine trends in criminal activity and propose strategies to prevent future crimes like financial fraud. Qualifying candidates usually have a law enforcement background or military experience plus a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Special agent roles can be action-packed and may require non-standard or on-call work hours.

Airline Pilot

    • Total median pay: $134,000


    • Median base salary: $120,000


    • Job openings: 116

From Glassdoor:

How to Get Hired: Airline pilots have to be certified with an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). Major airlines often prefer candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree in aviation, physics, or related fields, or those who have served in the military. In addition to the mechanics of operating the plane and evaluating obstacles that may interfere with the flight, pilots also take a leadership role in overseeing their crews. They need to be seasoned managers and savvy communicators who are comfortable with a non-standard schedule.

Regional Sales Executive

    • Total median pay: $103,500


    • Median base salary: $65,000


    • Job openings: 345

From Glassdoor:

How to Get Hired: Successful regional sales executives need to be well-versed in their company’s product lines and acutely aware of their customers’ needs. Regional sales executives are stellar communicators with a knack for spotting opportunities. They are always looking to grow their business and expand their customer base. Depending on what industry they represent, a college degree may or may not be necessary.

Nurse Practitioner

    • Total median pay: $101,600


    • Median base salary: $100,000


    • Job openings: 6,784

From Glassdoor:

How to Get Hired: Nurse practitioners (NPs) have at least a master’s degree in nursing. Individual states may require additional certifications. NPs are qualified to perform physical exams, treat common injuries and illness, and prescribe some medications. Some NPs have their own private practices.

Reservoir Engineer

    • Total median pay: $143,000


    • Median base salary: $125,000


    • Job openings: 23

From Glassdoor:

How to Get Hired: Reservoir engineers identify and pursue oil and gas reserves underground. Their goal is to extract the maximum amount of energy without over-tapping the reservoir. In order to fill this role, professionals need a degree in chemical engineering plus experience in a field that is highly technical and nuanced.


    • Total median pay: $129,968


    • Median base salary: $125,000


    • Job openings: 1,952

From Glassdoor:

How to Get Hired: Prospective dentists have to complete a four-year undergraduate degree in pre-dentistry or another scientific field, score well on the Dental Acceptance Test administered by the American Dental Association, and complete a doctoral degree in dental surgery or dental medicine before they can get licensed. Many budding dentists also pursue specialties which can make their practices even more lucrative. Dentists frequently opt to run their own practices which can require both clinical and professional skills.

Equity Research Associate

    • Total median pay: $100,000


    • Median base salary: $85,000


    • Job openings: 300

From Glassdoor:

How to Get Hired: Equity research associates report on financial trends using financial models and other analytical techniques. Their research and reports inform other financial analysts’ efforts. So while the position incorporates much of the excitement and rewards of investment banking, it is less demanding as much of the workload involves generating information. To qualify for the position, candidates need a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, or a similar field.


    • Total median pay: $119,380


    • Median base salary: $109,864


    • Job openings: 117

From Glassdoor:

How to Get Hired: Geophysicists study the earth using gravity, seismic, electrical and magnetic methods. There are various kinds of geophysicists. Some study how the earth is changing, while others locate valuable minerals beneath its surface. The position requires a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in geology. Geophysicists must be skilled at evaluating sites, conducting often complex experiments and reporting their conclusions.

Physician Assistant

    • Total median pay: $100,392


    • Median base salary: $100,000


    • Job openings: 3,499

From Glassdoor:

How to Get Hired: A physician’s assistant (PA) is similar to a nurse practitioner (NP). Both hold master’s degrees, but a PA attends medical school rather than nursing school. Like NPs, PAs can examine patients, order tests and prescribe some medications. It takes far less time to become a PA than to become a medical doctor (MD), and PAs always work in collaboration with doctors. Because of this, they are unable to cultivate private practices which is another way they differ from NPs.

Drilling Engineer

    • Total median pay: $116,500


    • Median base salary: $106,680


    • Job openings: 49

From Glassdoor:

How to Get Hired: Securing a job as a drilling engineer requires a bachelor’s degree in petroleum or mechanical engineering. Professionals in this role ensure that all plans and practices related to gas, oil or water drilling are strategic and safe. They have to be team players and excellent communicators both internally among their team and externally to their clients.

Software Architect

    • Total median pay: $139,000


    • Median base salary: $130,000


    • Job openings: 642

From Glassdoor:

How to Get Hired: Software architects build software that enables businesses to operate more efficiently. Then they take the lead in communicating about system developments with the company’s leadership. Most people with this job have at least a bachelor’s degree in math, software engineering, or a similar field. Some people do acquire the right skills, however, through non-traditional education, such as through an online coding bootcamp or another online accelerated education program. They need a high degree of technical savvy and skills like coding. They also need to know how to collaborate with others. Long hours can be required.

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