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New Virginia laws taking effect July 1, in photos

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RICHMOND, Va. – Starting Friday, July 1,  hundreds of new laws take effect in Virginia.

It will be illegal to smoke in the car with anyone under age 8, the garter snake slithers into official state snake status, and anyone with a protective order against them has to ditch their firearms.

New laws always start on July 1 in conjunction with the state’s new fiscal year; the 2017 budget is almost $52 million.

Hundreds of laws were passed (you can see them ALL here) and some will greatly impact people’s lives.

For example, Gov. Terry McAuliffe, working with the House Republican majority, signed a protective order bill designed to curb gun violence. Under House Bill 1391 and Senate Bill 715, which are identical, anyone served with a permanent protective order must relinquish their firearms within 24 hours.

In a state known for its tobacco production, over the years the General Assembly has passed more laws to regulate the industry.  HB 1348 makes it illegal to smoke in a vehicle with a child under the age of eight.

Other laws to know about -- residents who feed deer can be fined $50, according to HB 584, and corkage fees now extend to beer and cider in participating restaurants (others listed below).

And thanks to Delegate  Brenda Pogge, patron of HB 335, the garter snake becomes Virginia’s official state snake. The Commonwealth also has an official rock, Nelsonite, thanks to Creigh Deeds, the patron of SB 352.

The summaries of the bellows bills came from a publication called “In Due Course,” which is prepared by General Assembly staff. You can read the synopsis here in longer form. 

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