State questions Salomonsky, White development plan

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City Council will hear the developers’ request for a special use permit on July 25.

RICHMOND, Va. — A $15 million bid to make apartments out of a century-old warehouse near the Diamond is being given a second look after state regulators called part of the plan “very disturbing.”

The Richmond Planning Commission’s endorsement last week of the proposal by developers Louis Salomonsky and David White to convert the warehouse at 1650 Overbrook Road using state and federal historic tax credits prompted a sternly worded response from the state Department of Historic Resources, which oversees the credits in Virginia.

It described a city-added provision that could require the developers to cut windows into the building after a five-year tax credit regulation period as running counter to the intent of the state credit program.

DHR director Julie Langan called the plan “an affront to the thousands who have used the tax credit program for its intended purpose, with long-term preservation in mind.”

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