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RICHMOND, Va. — When Daniel Radcliffe was filming “Imperium” last year in Hopewell, he jovially made Richmond rounds  from his basecamp at the Jefferson Hotel. He was spotted in the hotel lounge, at the UCI bike race, at Juleps New Southern Cusine, and all over Hopewell.

His smiling mug was posted all over social media, with giddy declarations as the actor posed for pictures, signed various collectibles and held grimacing children.

“He was such a sweet humble guy,” fans said; a guy who made a “concerted effort to meet and greet, sign, photo with everyone.”

Radcliffe even autographed a fan’s leg so that she could get a tattoo of it. 

He also staunchly defended the Commonwealth in an interview on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, saying the state was “lovely” and something [indecipherable].

But in a Thrillist list of Radcliffe’s “happiest freaking moments, ever,” the actor singled out one Richmond-area restaurant as cooking the perfect meal of his life, along with one other in his 26 years on Earth (almost 27!).

His perfect meal surprisingly wasn’t at Juleps, though Style Weekly did report that Radcliffe said his shrimp and grits were “smashing.”

No, it was Buckhead’s Chophouse in the Beverly Hill Shopping Center on Patterson Avenue; a  steakhouse almost as old as Radcliffe.

“And I was filming a movie last year in Virginia, and there was this restaurant called, yeah, I’ll give them a shoutout, there was this restaurant called Buckhead’s [Chophouse] and they have this blue cheese steak with walnuts on top and it was just… wild.”

That blue cheese steak was put on par as the best meal ever, along with a duck curry in Australia.

From Down Under to the West End, there you have it.

h/t RTD

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