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Man spends 38 days in jail for string of robberies he didn’t commit

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- A man accused of a string of robberies off Woodpecker Road is now free after he spent 38 days in jail for a crime he did not commit.

Chris Jones was arrested on Mother’s Day and spent 38 days behind bars, until the Commonwealth Attorney agreed to dismiss the charges.

Jones said his time in jail, away from his family, was time he could never get back.

"It was Mother's Day," he said.

Chris Jones

Chris Jones

Jones was charged with eight felonies. Three attempted robberies, two robberies and three charges of using a gun during a robbery.

Jones said Chesterfield Police worked off a tip and told him he matched the description of the man in surveillance photos.

He said he told police if they would just study the picture, they would see there were no similarities.

He said the height description was four or five inches off and the suspect had no scar.

Jones said he has had a scar on his cheek for a long time.

Robbery suspect

Robbery suspect

Jones also said during one of the robberies, he could prove he wasn't even in town.

"My family did a lot of investigating themselves that detectives didn't do,” he said. “My mom and sisters helped."

The Commonwealth Attorney agreed with Jones and dropped the charges.

Jones said even though the charges were dismissed, it would be hard for him to get a job until they are expunged off his record.

Police are back to square one and business owners in the Woodpecker strip mall, who have enjoyed a robbery free six weeks, are now wondering what's next.

"Oh they caught the guy and to find a few weeks later I heard they got the wrong guy... Now it makes me more worried," said a local business owner.

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