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Disabled Henrico man needs help for best friend, Jake the dog

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RICHMOND, Va. -- A disabled man, whose dog is his best friend, is desperate for help.  His aging dog Jake requires more veterinary attention to stay happy and active.

Chris Jackson is in a wheelchair and lives on a fixed income. He believes his 14-year-old dog Jake has several good years left in him, if he can only find a way to afford Jake’s medical expenses.

“Jake’s my son,” Jackson said. “I don't have any family… he's my world. I've gone hungry and fed him. I've gone without medication, and he has not."

Jake’s biggest hurdle is his extensive arthritis. Jackson has been spending up to $300 a month on his dog’s various medications, and recently had a vet bill over $500 dollars.

“I've got six teeth, I don't even have a decent pair of shoes,” says Jackson. “But I'm a good father, and a good father sacrifices for his children.”

Veterinarian Dr. Courtney Belden believes she can keep Jake healthy and comfortable with a combination of laser therapy, acupuncture, and massage.

She found Jake through FETCH A Cure, a local non-profit that connects pet owners to resources, treatment and education to help their ailing pets.

“Age is not a disease,” Dr. Belden said. “I'm excited to get my hands on Jake and see what we can do to help him.”

Jackson’s biggest hurdle to getting treatment for Jake is his lack of reliable transportation. Getting his dog to Dr. Belden’s office on a regular basis would cost him more than he can afford in cab fare.

“Anyone who can save him, they save me, and I'd owe them my life,” said Jackson. “Because Jake is my life, and he's got some good years left in him.”

Dr. Belden invites any well-wishers to help  Jake get treatment through a variety of means.

There is a GoFundMe set up, here.

Direct donations can be made to Dr. Belden's practice, Central Virginia Veterinary & Acupuncture, using PayPal. Donations of Uber rides for Jackson will help, as well as  gift cards to a pet store, for food,  that can be dropped of or mailed to the vet.

Dr. Belden can be reached at info@centralvavet.com, and her practice is located at 5711 Staples Mill Rd., Suite 103, Richmond, VA, 23228.

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