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Girl in coma says Jesus spoke to her before miraculous recovery

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HARMON COUNTY, Oklahoma -- An Oklahoma teenager who nearly died in a horrific car crash said she saw Jesus moments before she awoke from a coma.

Kyla Roberts, 14, spent a month in a coma at Oklahoma University Medical Center after she was thrown from a vehicle in a March 6 accident. Kyla landed on her head, KWTV reported.

Kyla Roberts

"Her brain bounced so hard in her head, she had temporal lobe fractures," mother Stephanie Roberts said. "[The doctors] told us we have to take her into surgery now, or she's going to die. [They said she was] probably going to die anyway."

Stephanie Roberts

While Kyla was in bed, in a coma after her surgery, the teenager said Jesus appeared and spoke to her.

"I was sitting on his lap and his is very big," Kyla recalled. "He told me that he loves me and he's ready for me to come home, but not quite yet. And then I woke up here."

Kyla, who is recovering after two emergency brain surgeries, said she did not get a good look at heaven.

Kyla Roberts

"It was too bright," she said.

She did clearly see Jesus.

"[He had] green eyes and scraggly hair," she recalled. "[He smelled like] fresh clothes out of a dryer."

Doctors called Kyla's recovery nothing short of a miracle.

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