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Petersburg pays down $1 million delinquent debt to wastewater authority

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PETERSBURG, Va. — After WTVR CBS 6 reported Petersburg was behind in payments to South Central Wastewater Authority in excess of $1.5 million earlier this month, sources said the city has repaid most of the money it owes to the agency.

Those sources addled that the city is expected to pay what is owed for the month of May in full on Monday. That just leaves the June bill, which is not due until the end of the month.

In 1996, Petersburg, Colonial Heights, Chesterfield, Dinwiddie and Prince George County created the South Central Wastewater Authority to help share in the cost for disposing of wastewater.

The SCWWA board recently let its five member localities know how dire the situation that there would not be sufficient funds to pay employees or buy supplies in July if Petersburg did not make a payment.

“If Petersburg fails to make full payment by June 15th as they have promised (and they have failed to honor its last four similar commitments), the SCWWA will have little choice than to look to its other members to make up the shortfall,” the board said.

Sources said the city is also now up-to-date on its payment to the Appomattox River Water Authority. Earlier this month, WTVR reported the city owned the authority $394,000.