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APPOMATTOX, Va. — One person was killed and seven hurt when an EF3 tornado cut a 10 mile path of destruction through Appomattox County on February 24.

Three months later, some tornado damaged buildings and homes are still being repaired.

The Evergreen Church held its first bible school since the tornado on Tuesday. During the week, the children raised money for God’s Pit Crew, an organization that helped the community during the disaster.

One of the youth leaders, Kristi Harris said this is a way for the youth to heal.

“When times come up, like we had a bad storm not too long ago, and when the kids get scared we just say to them, ‘you’re going to be OK, we’re here with you,'” Harris said.

Miles down the road, residents also gathered to discuss how to be a “Storm Ready Community”

Phil Hysell, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Blacksburg, discussed the importance of being weather aware.

“After you’ve been through an event like this you become more sensitive,” Hysell said. “We want to talk about the facts and what to do and where to go if this ever happens again, so there’s a positive outcome.”

One of the attendees, George Breedan, brought his children because he wanted to be prepared for any situation that may arise.

“We’d seen some people in the community that suffered a bit harder,” Breeden said. “Yes, we want to learn and let them learn. It doesn’t hurt to get extra knowledge on anything.”