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You want cash? Solve the mystery graffiti left at Monacan High.

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CHESTERFIELD, Va. — “If you’re already seeing this, it’s too late,” reads the green graffiti sprayed on Monacan High School property.

The vandalism was done a few days ago, according to police.

Monacan High School

The Chesterfield County and Colonial Heights Problem Solvers posted five pictures of the graffiti.

Another message reads “I AM MILDLY UPSET.”

Monacan High School

Another picture shows the tag “GS9.”

Monacan High School

And one piece of vandalism cheekily points to the direction of more damage: “We went this way”
Police reminded the public that their help solved the mystery graffiti left in Enon last year.

Last year our community came together and helped arrest those vandals in Enon who couldn’t spell. Remember that one?
A few days ago, someone with too much time on their hands (and no sense of sentence structure) decided it would be fun to vandalize Monacan High School. Kids, please study, work hard and stay in school.
If you can identify the suspect(s) in this case, we’ll pay you for the info. CALL CLICK or TEXT Crime Solvers. You won’t be identified and you won’t have to appear in court.

If you have information about this crime, please contact Crime Solvers at (804) 748 – 0660.

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