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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Thursday’s meeting between police and the Sandston community took on the theme of “See something, say something.”

Officers reassured the public that there's no such thing as bothering them, while residents openly admitted, they need to do better, too.

The community meeting was packed inside the cafeteria at Seven Pines Elementary.

"The meth lab over here on Huntsman Rd., the robbery a few weeks ago," one attendee said, ticking off the recent crimes in the area.

Crime prevention was one of the main topics on the menu Thursday night.

Sandston meeting

"This is a way for the community to come together and try to resolve the issues we are having," said another community member.

In recent weeks, Sandston has been an area with numerous crimes in Henrico County including, a meth lab bust, a robbery near school property where four teens were quickly caught, and numerous home and car break ins.

Residents said they want it to stop.

Police offered tips on how to eliminate the crime of opportunity. "Keep your shrubs below your windows and clear your yard of things that can be used to break in," said one officer.

Henrico meeting 2

People living in the area said they will do better to keep police informed.

"Law enforcement is law enforcement; they can't be in 17,000 different places,” said Dominic Evans, suggesting community members get to know their neighbors better and not turn a blind eye to something that looks suspicious.

"I'll tell you, I believe in snitching,” said Evans. “Tell everything because that's how you keep your community safe."

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