Dog found with choke chain fused into neck ‘just wants attention and love’

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RICHMOND, Va -- A stray dog is looking for a new home after Richmond officials found him with a choke chain collar embedded deep into his neck.

"Northern Neck," as he is called at Richmond Animal Care and Control, is a 7-year old with a love of people and other dogs. When an animal control officer found him wandering on Chamberlayne Avenue on May 20, his injuries from the choke collar were severe.

"Northern Neck"

"Northern Neck"

"We took him immediately to one of our emergency vet partners. They did the surgery to remove the embedded collar,” said Robin Young with RACC. "He's had a rough start in life, and probably many years of pain and suffering.”

Young said they cannot tell how long "Northern Neck" had the collar on or how it got there. Prior to the surgery, the collar was actually embedded in his skin, officials said. As of now, there are no leads on his previous owner.

Choke collars can be dangerous if not used properly, officials said. "Northern Neck" could be an example of improper choke collar use.

"A lot of people get a dog as a puppy or young dog, they stick a collar on it, and as the dog grows, it grows into that collar. Eventually, there is no where for it go but to start digging into the neck,” said Young. "It just cuts into their skin. The skin grows around it.”

"Northern Neck" gazes at Robin Young.

"Northern Neck" gazes at Robin Young.

If you notice an animal who has severely outgrown their collar, you should contact animal control to investigate.

As for "Northern Neck," his surgery was a success, and he is ready to find a new home.

"He leans up against your leg and just wants attention and love,” said Young with a grin, as "Northern Neck" rolled on his back through the sun-baked grass.

 "Northern Neck" runs through the grass.

"Northern Neck" runs through the grass.

To contact Richmond Animal Care and Control about adopting "Northern Neck" or to report mistreatment of animals, click here or call 804-646-5573.

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