Hillary Clinton wins Virgin Islands Democratic caucuses

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WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton has won the Virgin Islands Democratic caucuses, according to results provided by the local Democratic Party.

According to a preliminary vote total, Clinton received 1,308 votes to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 190.

The win for Clinton inches her closer to clinching the Democratic nomination, which she is expected to capture in the next few days.

The vote on the islands, along with Puerto Rico, which holds its nominating contest on Sunday, come as Clinton and Sanders battle over Democratic superdelegates — with Sanders arguing that his stronger polling position against Donald Trump should tip the party’s scales in his favor.

On Saturday, Sanders said he would try to woo Clinton’s superdelegates in an effort to swing the nomination his way at the Democratic convention.

California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota hold their primaries on Tuesday, and Washington, D.C., holds the final nominating contest of the primary season on June 14.

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